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New Providence Classical School is a full day school for children from K4 to 12th grade. We use the Trivium, a "classical method" used to shape and cultivate young minds. We teach the classical curricula used by 230 members in the Association of Classical and Christian Schools.

Over the centuries, the classical method produced some of the world's greatest minds and helped shape the best parts of western civilisation. However, today’s education largely ignores this long-successful, proven approach. New Providence Classical School aims to correct that—our methods equip children with the fundamental skills and tools that help them achieve greatness in any of life's endeavours.

We encourage you to visit our web site links and discover discover more about classical education. Join us as we cultivate your child in realizing their full potential.

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Our 6th Graders have passed BJC's and
8th Graders have passed BGCSE's.

Congratulations Scholars!

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