New Providence Classical School

Purpose Statement

The purpose of New Providence Classical School is to strengthen the mind as we provide a classical, Christ-centered education that equips students to value, discern, defend, articulate and live the truth.  Our aim at New Providence Classical School is to produce:

  • Students who honor God in their lives and choices.
  • Students who thrive on being and doing their best.
  • Students who are critical thinkers, trained to think analytically and strategically.
  • Students who are motivated to learn, love learning, and become lifelong learners.

We seek to create a school setting where persons and their God given design are valued, nurtured, and celebrated. With the support of family members and the community we are committed to putting the necessary components in place that will foster excellence, innovation, and imagination in our student body and empower each child to reach his or her full potential!

Our Vision

The Vision of New Providence Classical School is to create a K5- 12th grade school setting where persons are valued and nurtured as they are challenged academically to be and do their best. We train students to have strong minds and hearts that are responsive to God's truth, goodness and beauty.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower students with the necessary tools for them to honor God in their lives and choices, be critical thinkers, and become citizens who are agents of change.

Our Core Values

  • Christian World View
  • Academic Excellence
  • Understanding the material that is read and presented
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Disciplined Study
  • Parental Involvement
  • Empowerment