Our Statement of Faith

We believe that The Bible is the only inspired, infallible and inerrant word of God and that it is the final authority on all matters.

We believe in one God. Who is eternal and exists in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the person and works of Jesus Christ. That Jesus is God and also man. 

We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus and that He died, was buried, raised again, and ascended to heaven.

We believe in the depravity of man and that without God man is in a lost condition.

We believe that trust in God and acceptance of Jesus’ finished work on the cross leads to regeneration and everlasting life in God’s presence.

We believe that there is life after death. After death one is resurrected either to a life separated from God (damnation to hell), or to heaven, life eternal in God’s presence.

We believe that God cares, is loving, personal, and knowable.

We believe we are dependent on the power of God and the work of the Holy Spirit to renew and equip us in continual growth, fellowship, faithfulness, love, and obedience.

We believe in the unity of believers and that individually and collectively we have a mandate to share God’s good news and help others.