Our History

Family Heritage

The story of New Providence Classical School is rooted in the family heritage of our co-founders. They are sisters whose family modeled and taught them an appreciation for education, excellence and community service as a way of life. Our founders had pioneering grandparents who were very intentional in making life better for their family and the community around them.

In 1922, when few Bahamians sought higher education, the young man who became the patriarch of this founding family went to University. This pursuit of excellence and commitment to education is imprinted on the hearts of our founders and the staff of New Providence Classical School.

That young Bahamian returned home, got married, and was employed by the government. Most significantly he worked along with his wife, and together they forged an alliance that established cottage businesses and created community networks which led to the education and empowerment of others in the Bahamas.

A Wake Up Call

The grandparents of the founders instilled that same work ethic and the willingness to help others thrive to the next generation. This family trait was passed on to our founders One of the sayings in this family is "If you help others, you help yourself." In separate settings as they professionally interacted with the general Bahamian public, both co-founders developed a concern that as Bahamians we were not collectively passing on the core values of our heritage as a people. Separately, both quietly prayed about what each could possibly do to help reverse the cultural and moral disintegration that seemed to be taking place in our country.

Ten years ago our co-founders were introduced to the world of Classical Education. Inspired by an aunt, who is an educator, and an uncle, who championed various academic causes, they knew that the Bahamas would benefit from the strength, excellence, and beauty found in Classical Education. In January 2008, the dream of New Providence Classical School was born!