Why Attend New Providence Classical School

  • We offer studens a Biblical World-view.
  • We strive for Academic Excellence.
  • Our Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Our students achieve above Average Standardized Test Results.
  • A love for learning is fostered within our classes.
  • Our students are taught the tools for learning to begin learning for themselves.
  • Knowing Latin cuts down the pain of learning almost any other subject by at least 50 percent.

We are committed to Provide students with the Biblical framework to think critically. We are not a Christian school just because we teach a Bible class.  The student really learns skills to evaluate life and weigh decisions through the lens of God’s Word.

A Biblical worldview and Christian values are fundamental to who we are and how we operate.

Parents choose Classical Education because it Produces Results!

Classical students really begin to love learning and become self learners, who know how to think and do not have to be spoon fed and told what to think!

Three out of Four Classical Students score in the HIGHEST PERCENTILE on the SAT and the ACT
Classical Students score ABOVE AVERAGE on national standardized tests.
( http://www.logosschool.com/academics/testscores.asp )

A percentage of Classical Students consistently do so well academically to be awarded National Merits.
College Acceptance to top Universities is not a problem for our Classically Trained scholars!  

Classical Education has a Proven Track Record!

Classical Education produced Archimedes, St. Paul, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Christopher Columbus, Shakespeare, George Washington, and the list goes on. Classical Education unlocked potential in such a way that historically classically educated students became great philosophers, scientists, theologians, writers, artists, and inventors who changed the world! 

We Pay Special Attention to assure that your child is actually learning the material. 

We do not teach children merely for intellectual regurgitation and test-taking, but rather to equip children with the tools for lifelong learning!

Two More Reasons to choose New Providence Classical School!

  • By using the Classical Trivium, a Solid foundation is laid for secondary school and future study!
  • The Latin taught helps the child to have a better grasp on vocabulary and learning other languages!